Our prices are based on costs developed by our own time and motion studies and estimates for each service that we provide. We get that cost, add buffers and a markup and that is what we bill the customer. We do not nickel and dime the customer and do not try to match or play our prices with what the customer is currently getting. (Usual case is that some companies will do the work for 20% off what you regularly are charged regardless of their cost, even if it is way down) If we quote let us say 10 cents per item and the customer resells it for 5 dollars - it is irrelevant as we make our profits from the 10 cents. That is why we ask for the process flow and samples so we can do the time and motion estimates to determine costs and delivery schedules. We even reengineer the processes into a more efficient and cost effect manner without losing the quality or disrupting the delivery schedules. In effect we strive to give you value for your money when you become our client.

We pour our money into the infrastructure - generators, servers, multiple broadband providers, noise cancellation headsets, and the like. Not on carpets and expensive interiors - our offices are spartan but efficient and our employees well taken cared of. Again reflective of the value for money principle in the manner ESI does things.


Without this then there will be no ESI. We understand the need for constant quality in the products and services we deliver, otherwise there will be no demand for our products or services. We take steps to assure quality from basic training to constant retraining or upgrading. We believe that quality should start at the bottom and cascade upwards. Our years in Medical Transcription have inculcated into our veins the constant monitoring of quality levels at different stages in production and we have known that if your first step in the process is right and accurate, then the rest follows - there is no such thing as trying to correct something at the end of the line, by then it is too late.. That is why we have invested heavily in our own in-house training instructors be it for contact centers, media transcriptions, and encoding. Depending on the service, we set different internal quality benchmarks for each. Quality equating to accuracy and reliability is and always will be primodial concern with us.


We look at our clients and strive to develop long term relationships with them. We aim to be in the business for a long time and we want to keep our customers with us.


In the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) business there will be no such thing as a pure one core BPO business. Meaning plain contact center, or transcription, or simply encoding. To do so will subject you to the ups and downs of the specific industry which may or may not have a very short lifespan in these days of technology and innovation. The future is blended companies with several core BPO services. ESI is already that.

This allows us several things namely:

  • The ability to combine our expertise from the call center division, encoding, media transcribing and others to provide better and faster services. Giving ESI a base to produce products which cross over into the different areas like a Virtual Medical Receptionist which is a combination of a contact center, medical transcription, medical billing and coding technologies and expertise.
  • Allows the full development of other core businesses since we have the expertise, the funds, and can look to perfect it as we are not in a hurry because our other cores are earning. We don't rush a project and end up with a whole slew of mistakes. And if we do, we have enough funds to correct it.
  • It allows our employees to cross over and develop a better and a more diversified background thereby improving customer service.
  • It gives us the economy of scale in terms of recruitment, training, IT services, broadband and others.

The fear with multiple cores is that we may not be able to focus. What ESI has in answer to that is that we have one Operations Head per service - currently we have one for CAD, Media Transcribing and Encoding/ General Transcribing. Each one with years of experience in their respective fields completely focused on their divisions to assure quality and delivery.

All the BPO services that we do are data conversions in the broadest sense, from transcribing voice files into electronic files, drawings into CAD files, hard copies into soft files. The beautiful thing about this is we enjoy doing it and we take pride in our work.

In ESI, we are focused in all things backroom.