As of today, the facility has 305 workstations with the space and capability of increasing to a total of 500 plus seats.

We can do the following:

Call Center Services

Seat Rental – rates attached 24 by 7 – both local and foreign

Seat Rental plus assistance in hiring and payroll assistance

For persons without a company yet but with contracts – we can do seat rental plus the hiring of the manpower under our name (cost will be the salaries plus 35%) with the following conditions:

  • They give us a letter for a supposed one year contract – so I hire on a contract basis – in case they want to close I can let the people go on the basis of the out clause of the contract.
  • A letter saying they will respect the tenure of the people should they so wish to hire them once they have the incorporation papers etc.

We can do everything and they pay us by the hour anywhere from 7-9 dollars per hour per person depending on the service. (virtual secretaries , appointment settings and the like.)

Call center service can be inbound or outbound, global calls ( we have done US, UK, Australia, and worldwide follow the sun for a client) or local calls (like for food – Jollibee types, etc.). We can do tech support, virtual assistants, etc. – all recorded if need be. We were the call center for Pinoy and Mar during the presidential campaign

Transcription Services:

  • We do subtitling and translation into 5 dialects – Tagalog, Ilocano, Bicolano, Visaya-Cebuano, and Visaya Ilongo. Price depends on work difficulty and volume.
  • We do medical and general transcription

Encoding / Backroom Services:

We do encoding and other backroom services (like accounting, research, etc,) – price depends on the work and volumes. We have done both foreign and local jobs.

CAD Services:

We do CAD and REVIT at US 16 per hour.

Software Services:

We can do software development – website creation and maintenance. Both for PC and mobile apps.

We can do any combination of the above. For example – develop a website for a firms selling automobile parts – We do the website, have the CAD people draw 3D rendition of the parts which can be rotated and viewed in the website, we encode the whole catalogue of parts and keep it updated, we update the site and edit it (specially for Chinese sites) – have a call center group to take orders, have an accounting group to do inventory (across the factories and vendors across the globe) and plus call the factories for delivery and handle all clients requests, plus of course a sales group to take orders. The call center group responds to clients via phones, chats, email, and the like – i.e. multimedia.