Primary Servers

  • IBM xSeries Servers (Rack mountable)
  • IBM Direct Attached Storage (DAS) with Fiber Channel Technology (FC)
  • HP Xeon Servers
  • Clustered Quad Core Servers for the Dialers, Asterisk and DB

Support Servers

  • CCTV Server (can be viewed remotely)
  • Time and Attendance/Access Control (Biometric)
  • Secured VPN and FTP Servers
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS)


  • 275 Branded Computers
  • 305 seats currently with the capability of expanding to 550-600 seats. We have prepped up areas wherein we can easily set up additional 180 workstations in a months time if needed; the rest will take another 60-90 days to set up.
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System (2000/XP/Vista) / OSS


  • Linux IP-Based Firewall
  • MAC Filtering
  • Web Access Control and Monitoring
  • Layered Firewall
  • Cisco PIX Firewall


Internet Connection come from different providers for redundancy. Our primary connection is a Fiber Optic line and our secondary are wired Private Leased line.

  • Eastern Telecoms (ETPI) 10 MBPS Lease Line scalable to 45 MBPS using Fiber Optic
  • ComClark 10Mbps with Bandwidth on Demand (BOD) up to 20Mbps via Fiber Optic Line – scalable
  • RADIUS TELECOM (eMeralco) 4Mbps with BOD up to 10Mbps
  • 4 MBPS SkyBroadband for browsing and internet access
  • Several DSL lines for internet browsing bursting to a max of 10 Mbps which serves as our backup line in case of major disruption
  • All internet connections are load balanced and scalable
  • Additional connections may be installed depending on clients requirements

Total of 44Mbps Dedicated Leased Line (DLL) for Voice traffic and coming from diverse Internet Service Providers. Total of up to 16 MBPS DSL and Broadband lines for Data and basic internet traffic



  • Facility is completely under company control
  • Multi-layer Biometric access system is in place
  • 24/7 security guards
  • Compartmentalized production areas
  • CCTV monitoring of all critical areas and accessible remotely. Recording is 100% and never erased.


  • Internet and email access is controlled to meet client specifications
  • All USB ports are physically disabled
  • Workstations have no floppy and/or optical drives
  • Complete audit trail for files handled by the facility
  • Regular security audit is performed
  • Random remote monitoring of all workstations are performed.
  • All incoming/outgoing internet access are monitored and audited.