Seat Rental

  • Anywhere from one seat to a hundred seats – Client manages their own personnel
  • Computers, workstations, Internet
  • 24 by 7 or any shift in-between
  • In-bound or out-bound, local or foreign
  • Free Vicidial CRM
  • Bring your own TELCO or we will introduce you to several

Seat Rental plus Hiring and /or Payroll Assistance

Seat Rental plus the Hiring of Agents under our Name Temporarily

  • For persons without a company yet but with contracts/campaigns that need to be implemented – we will hire the people under our name temporarily and once the client has incorporated we transfer them over. Client manages the personnel
  • Cost is salaries plus 35% with the following conditions:

    We get a letter with a supposed one year contract so everyone we hire is for that project alone even if we turn them over or close shop in less than a year.

    A letter respecting the tenure of the employees should we turn them over – their time with us is absorbed.

Complete Call Center Service

  • We only do on a per hour rate (not performance or sales commission)
  • Rates are flexible, charge on a per hour basis depending on the type of service required.