CAD works

2-Dimensional or 2D: These are normally plans, or drawings, and are the work type people most commonly associate with CAD. Electrical plans, floor plans, machine drawings and the like fall under this classification.

Revit works

Revit- works are Parametric Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools. This program produces a 3d model of an Architectural plan and also can be used in Civil works projects such as roads and bridges

Sketch-up and 3d rendering

3-Dimensional or 3D: These are models or renderings of a design, and may normally be rotated or manipulated to view the product or property from various angles. In terms of architectural models, rooms can even be rendered to depict various lighting moods and furnishings.


Pricing for CAD and Revit works are quoted at a base price of USD 16 per hour. However this pricing may also depend on the turnaround time (deadline) set by the Client and on the scope of work required.

Pricing for Sketch-up and Rendering are quoted at a base price of USD 35 per hour. This may also vary depending on the turnaround time required by the Client and on the difficulty of the job, the complexities of details involved using client-provided plans, elevations and drawings.

Minor revisions incur no charge for CAD, REVIT, SKETCH-UP / RENDERING. Revisions as a result of error on our part are made free of charge. Major revisions as a result of a change in client specifications do incur revision charges on a per hour basis